thumb-join-us-saint-paul-2016 Why Should You Attend Saint Paul Catholic High School?

Current student Sarah Milinkovich tells future Patriots why they should consider attending Saint Paul Catholic High School in September 2016.

thumb-join-us-saint-michael-2016 Why Should You Attend Saint Michael Catholic High School?

A message for Grade 8s about why they should consider Saint Michael Catholic High School for their high school education.

thumb-join-us-saint-francis-2016 Why Should You Attend Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School?

A message for Grade 8s considering which high school to attend for Grade 9 in September 2016, sharing why they should become a Phoenix this fall.

thumbs-join-us-notre-dame-2016 Why Should You Attend Notre Dame College School?

thumb-join-us-lakeshore-2016 Why Should You Attend Lakeshore Catholic High School?

Niagara Catholic Student Trustee and Lakeshore Catholic High School student Michaela Bodis shares why students in South Niagara should attend Lakeshore Catholic High School.

thumb-join-us-holy-cross-2016 Why Should You Attend Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School?

A message for Grade 8s entering high school in September 2016, saying why they should register at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School.

thumbs-join-us-notre-dame Why Should You Attend Denis Morris Catholic High School?

A message for Grade 8 students considering attending Denis Morris Catholic High School about why they are making the right choice.

thumb-join-us-blessed-trinity-2016 Become a Member of the Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School Family in 2016

Student Myles Mueller shares why he chose to attend Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School.

thumb-kindergarten-2016 Meet Our Kindergarten Ambassadors!

Aurora and Cash share why they love Kindergarten, and invite children to come and join them.

thumb-lakeshore-month-in-review-february-2015 Lakeshore Catholic High School – Join our Caring Community!