thumbs-director-video-january-2016 Director’s Video January 2016

thumb-director-video-december-2015 Director’s Video December 2015

thumb-director-video-september-2015 Director’s Video September 2015

thumb--director-video-june-summer-2015 June and Summer 2015 Director’s Video

This is the June, 2015 and Summer Director’s Video, filmed by Lakeshore Catholic High School students on location at St. George Catholic Elementary School in Crystal Beach. It features Director of Education John Crocco, outgoing St. George Catholic principal Steven Ward and incoming principal Rosanne Sandel. on Vimeo:

thumb-director-video-february-march-2015 Director’s Video February/March 2015

thumbs-directors-video-november-2014 Director’s Video November 2014

thumbs-directors-video-october-2014 Director’s Video October 2014

thumbs-directors-video-september-2014 Director’s Video September 2014

This is the September, 2014 Niagara Catholic Director’s Video, filmed at Saint Michael Catholic High School in Niagara Falls. In this video, Director John Crocco speaks with Saint Michael Principal Jim Whittard about the renovation and expansion of the school and Saint Michael’s upcoming 25th anniversary celebrations. This video also features news and events about […]

director-video-march-2014 Director’s Video March 2014

This video was filmed on location at Notre Dame College School by students in the Notre Dame College School Communications Technology Program and features Director of Education John Crocco, and Notre Dame College School Vice-Principal John Belcastro. on Vimeo:

director-video-april-2014 Director’s Video April 2014

The April 2014 Director’s Video was filmed on location at St. Gabriel Lalemant Catholic Elementary School in Niagara Falls by students at Saint Paul Catholic High School. This video features Director of Education, John Crocco, and St. Gabriel Principal Deborah Mercnik. on Vimeo: